He Wins € 259,532.09 By Betting On 12 World Matches



He Wins € 259,532.09 By Betting On 12 World Matches

It is an extraordinary fact and truly incredible enough that we tell you about it on our site. This is not the first time that this has happened, but we must admit that this player commands respect, even if the intervention of luck plays a huge role in this story. Indeed, a Winamax player has achieved the fabulous feat of winning really big by completing an exceptional sports grid. The latter, known under the nickname “Give a name”, simply bet on 12 matches of the 2018 World Cup and pocketed the nice sum of € 259,532.09!

A Perfect Bet

This is what we can call the perfect bet to win a good fortune. Since the time we told you that online bookmakers like Betclic are one of the best ways to earn money on sports, investing as little as possible! Moreover, on this occasion we will then tell you about one of these online sports betting sites that we personally deem worthy of interest this month to take full advantage of this football world championship. But back to our winner.

Here is another one who will be able to take full advantage of his passion for football to buy a mega-giga LED screen to enjoy the semi-finals and finals of Russia 2018. In addition, winning this incredible sum, he will also be able to secure himself. financially a long time thanks to sports betting! But if the jackpots of this kind usually come from slot machines, they are however not so rare indeed in the world of sports betting. As proof, this very last winning win, which inevitably has the gift of making people dream, because it is accessible to everyone, as long as you have an internet connection and a Betclic account.

The Combined Bet Of The Week

But we must admit on the other hand that this combined bet was daring and that few people would have jumped into the water with such a bet without having a slight doubt. But this is absolutely not the case with “Give a name” who simply tried to predict 12 matches of the 2018 World Cup. Among these matches, which are really surprising since the start of the competition and which see favoritesfall , row, and small teams emerge, shine; we find the France-Peru meeting, the outcome of which was quite obvious for many people, but during which the bettor must have sweated a little, because our French neighbors had to fight hard to honor this first victory.

But he also bet on shock matches in this world, with much more ambitious bets, such as Argentina-Croatia which saw the victory of the Croats with a very dry score. A meeting that was one of the biggest surprises of this start to the World, with Mexico’s 1-0 victory against defending champion Germany. On this occasion, it was this match with Croatia that was awarded the highest odds, successfully achieved for “Give a name”. He even had the relevance of attempting a draw for Denmark-Australia with an odds of 3.45 and opting for a probable victory for Nigeria against Iceland, with an odds of 3.00. When we see the start of the competition, we say to ourselves that this bettor was frankly born under a lucky star …

He Just Bet € 80

To pocket this fabulous win, the bettor simply wagered € 80 on this unique bet. A daring commitment of less than 100 € to challenge an odds of 2,403 to 1! In addition, he will obtain his Booster bonus of € 67,265 which will then complete his score and especially his final gain of € 259,532. It is undoubtedly the best performance of the moment for the World Cup to date, which will end on the 15th. July 2018. Perhaps an opportunity for you to also try your luck ?!

This bettor becomes the Winamax Golden Boy of the week, a ranking updated every week which allows the one who shines the most with sports betting to glean a cash bonus of 2,000 €. Yes, you read that correctly… the bookmaker also paid him an additional gain of € 2,000! This player who hides behind the nickname “Give a name” also becomes one of the biggest winners in sports betting on the site. He then joined the very closed club of miracles of sports betting such as the nickname “Diakhate96”, which validated a gain of € 132,098 by betting only € 5, or even “ndep-Naoned” who won € 160,000. by betting € 0.60 on 12 matches at the start of the year.

He Deliberately Loots His Poor £ 430,000 Grandmother

It’s the scandal of the week. We learn that a thirty-something had the audacity and the nerve to steal his grandmother’s savings… to play everything at the casino.

He Steals £ 430,000 From His Poor Grandmother

If casino games are rather attractive establishments, whether online or hard, they are nevertheless places that should be consulted in moderation. But there are, however, some people for whom it gets out of hand to always want to bet and win more; even if for that… they come to put into play money which is not theirs. This is exactly the kind of story that happened recently and that we are now going to tell you on A compulsive gambler has indeed decided to relieve his own grandmother of a sum of £ 430,000. But the most incredible thing about it is that he simply did it to play gambling games. A truly vicious and devious operation, which in fact spanned several years.

An Unscrupulous Scam

But what could have gone through Darren Gledhill’s mind that day when he decided to organize the siphoning of his grandmother’s bank account !? An unscrupulous theft which is both surprising and intolerable. We are therefore facing a 30-year-old Briton who therefore quite simply and deliberately looted his poor 70-year-old grandmother. Mrs. Sandra Gledhill will see absolutely nothing coming for 3 years, just like the rest of the family who will be, because of these shameful acts, without real inheritance.

Darren Gledhill is said to have actually started her mischief right after opening an online bank account for her. A judicious way for him to have free and permanent access to the account and therefore be able at the same time to freely transfer money from the grandmother’s account to her personal account. Fraudulent banking manipulations which still lasted from June 2014 to November 2017.

A Flaw In The Scam

During these 3 years, the man has therefore made various and numerous transfers from the account to his. Trying to arouse as little suspicion as possible about some strange activity on the account, he then made transfers of sums ranging from £ 1.20 to over £ 10,000. Her victim, her own grandmother, had no knowledge of these acts and embezzlements that took place behind her back since she was staying in a retirement home. This unworthy grandson therefore quite simply took advantage of his lack of lucidity to take money from him on a regular basis. He then had only to spend it without embarrassment in various casinos in which he was most certainly VIP. But he was also a poor player since he arrived each time in the establishments with money… which he lost just as quickly.

It must be said that this is a really discreet flight, which did not attract attention and which was obviously out of sight. Except that the main crook hadn’t thought that his famous offense could be made public because of the £ 40,000 in rent arrears due to the fact that there was no more money in his account. A rather substantial sum and which does not go really unnoticed any more, especially on the side of the retirement home which then complained of unpaid rents.

He Was Sentenced To 28 Months In Prison

During the police investigation, no less than 350 banking transactions carried out by the grandson from 2014 to 2017, which will be discovered after verification of the bank accounts by the police authorities. Even more dramatic: Mrs. Gledhill passed away in January 2018. She left without even being able to give money for her three children. As Darren confessed to his crimes, following a glaring finding of incriminating evidence, Judge Durham sentenced him to 28 months in prison.

These 2 years and 4 months in jail should be enough for Darren to help him reflect on his bad actions. It is a story which is not without reminding us of another affair of the kind, which took place last winter in Isère, at our French neighbors … A woman had indeed stolen the bank card of her employer to simply slam the money at the casino… An amount of the swindle which was much lower than the previous case, but which was still around 5,200 euros…